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  • Date:June 20,2022
cSEFI Central Region Meeting_PRST team Mbagathi

RESPECT: Exploring the potential for learning and using parent experiences of preterm birth to improve in-patient neonatal care in Kenya - By Dorothy Oluoch

Providing hospital care that responds to the needs of patients is an important part of high-
quality healthcare. However, the voices and views of patients and their families in relation to how they would want their care organized and improved have not been widely used to
effectively inform the way care is planned and delivered in many low and middle-income
countries (LMICs). This project will focus on developing an understanding the experiences of mothers whose babies are born too early / before term in hospital and using those experiences to improve patient – centred care, by informing the development and pilot testing of training resources for the multi-professional teams who provide newborn care.

Principal research questions to be addressed:


  • What are the experiences of mothers who give birth too early / before term in
  • Can audio and / or visual tools that capture these experiences be developed?
  • How might these tools be used in health worker training to improve care?
  • How might improving experiences for mothers’ benefit staff in terms of their
    interactions and job satisfaction?