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Dr Magdalene Kuria on life in retirement and her experiences with the Clinical Information Network

Dr Magdalene Kuria is a pediatrician with many years of experience. She was part of CIN and possess a rich history of the network and its evolution over time. We had a candid interview with Dr Kuria where she reflected on the value of CIN and her future aspirations for the network.

Before the inception of the Clinical Information Network (CIN), I worked as a paediatrician at the Kisumu East County Hospital. Before 2013, our hospitals faced many challenges that at times could result in preventable deaths. Now many years have passed, and I am overwhelmed by the tremendous improvement brought about by implementing simple CIN guidelines. Over time, at the hospital, we noted improved treatment, improved oxygen delivery, improved outcome of children’s health and most importantly improved documentation. The induction of intern doctors also became easier because of the streamlined process.

I am now retired and working in the private sector. I am pleased to see CIN’s impact, especially when receiving simple things like discharge summaries from government hospitals. Through such documentations, one can easily tell a CIN hospital apart from one that is not part of the network.

Working with paediatrics and neonates does not need much, it just needs passion, commitment, and continuous improvement.

CIN is a good foundation for improved care because the provided guidelines are simple requirements but with a lot of impact. There is need to expand the CIN coverage across the whole country to stop preventable mortalities. This way, we will achieve better treatment and care for our children.”

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